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Everything is done locally in the phone. No connectivity to Internet is required to process the images.


As easy as taking a picture. And the searched words will be highlighted. You will safe a lot of time instead of looking every word to see if you have a match result.


Our predefined searches are translated to our supported languages for your convinience while travelling. We are currently adding more languages. Enjoy EnLighText today.



Say “Hey Siri”

Easier, faster. Now, use your voice to open the camera and seek for words. Siri Shortcuts are available to make your request when you say the words that you have previously defined.

Quick Actions

Use it to open EnLighText directly with the camera ready to take a picture and seek for words quickly. 
Touch and hold EnLighText App icon. On a 3D Touch device, press briefly on the icon.

Share with Family and Friends

Custom searches can be shared thru AirDrop, email or any other available method that supports send/open attachments.

Backup Custom searches

Backup / Import Custom searches with Files App from iCloud Drive or On My iPhone.

Dynamic font size

Change your system font size and the app will adapt. To help you to read better with any screen size. Looks perfect with IPad.

Dark Mode

Whenever you use it during the day or in the evening. You can choose the mode that better suits you.

Screen Rotation

Contents adapt to your iPhone or iPad screen.


You can win achievements and level up!